Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fourth of July Jack-o'-lantern!

I did not post last week because of the 4th of July and a root canal that started on Wednesday afternoon and still isn't finished. Apparently, I have twisted, calcified canals. Ugh.
  Anyway, right after I picked the pumpkin, I found this hole in it like a worm had chewed into it. I put clear nail polish over the hole, hoping it would smother the little bugger if it was still in there or at least prolong the pumpkin's shelf life. It didn't work. The hole just got bigger. I doubted the pumpkin would last until October, even without the worm. So, here it is: Forth of July Jack-o'-lantern!

  You know, I couldn't find that stupid worm. We ended up mulching the seeds, they were shriveled and flat, no good for roasting. I don't have much hope that they will sprout. But we finally grew a pumpkin.
    Thank you for reading, and have a bat-tastic day!

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