Tuesday, November 26, 2013


   Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I doubt I will write a blog post that day. Just so you know. I will be making the green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie this year. The green bean casserole is almost fool-proof, but the other two are a different story.

  Last year, after seeing a recipe in the 'Chronicle' for real cranberry sauce. I decided to buy a bag of cranberries and try it myself. I burned it, but the non-burned part tasted pretty good. Apparently making cranberry sauce is more like making candy than jam, if you turn your back for a moment at the wrong time it'll burn.
 The store had pie pumpkins for a dollar, so this year I'm making pie out of a pumpkin. Last weekend I quartered the pumpkin, put the pieces in a cookie sheet lined with tin foil, covered them with tin foil, and roasted them in the oven at 350F for about two hours. This is my first time making a pie like this this could end horribly. I'll let you know. Wish me luck.      

     Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Present for Lobo

  I'm a still under the weather, but the weather is beautiful today. It's been raining on and off all day, sometimes with the sun shining so the rain drops sparkle on the leaves. That being said I'd better get over this soon; Mom's getting sick of doing my chores, and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Not to mention Thanksgiving next week which is going to take a lot of work.
   This is Lobo enjoying his belated Birthday/Early Christmas present. It's really a bath mat that was on sale, but he doesn't seem to mind. Mom wasn't sure about it because it's white, but I pointed out that we can always dye it after he stains it too badly.

    Of course the cats tried to take it over and we had to chase them off. Lobo is too nice to the cats. But I suppose that's good, because otherwise he probably would have killed the little jerks a long time ago. He sleeps there every night and looks so cute.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rooster Ornament

     After a week long hiatus I'm back, sort of. Thanks to copious amounts of orange juice I'm not as congested, but I'm still getting chills and fevers and have developed a cough. My brain is a little  better, but unfortunately still isn't 100%. I am afraid to look at what I wrote last week. I was having trouble reading, not to mention writing, and wasn't making that much sense when talking. But am a little better.

   Anyway... I had most of the rooster finished last week all he needed to have his wings sewn on and for his tail feathers to be picked out and glued in. It drove me a little crazy-er, but I finally finished him.

   I sure wasn't which one to make first, until I saw the gold and black swirling Red Heart Fiesta yarn in my stash. I think it looks like a Golden Wyandotte which is why I crochet him a pea comb.
  The Pattern is a modification of my chick pattern with a comb, wattles, and an ornament loop crocheted on and of course feathers glued in. I used foam balls instead of stuffing, because it will hold it's shape better. I think they are perfect for Christmas and will be great for Chinese New Year. Which is a couple of year from now.
  Each rooster is 4" (10.16cm) tall from comb to bottom, 2.75" (6.985cm) wide, about 3.75" (9.525cm) from his beak to start of tail, and dangles 4.75" (12.065cm) from the ornament hook(included).
  Each rooster has 7 rooster tail feathers (from my own farm raised roosters) securely glued into place, is hand knitted out of 100% acrylic yarn and has a foam ball in the body and one in the head to keep their shape. Made in a smoke free environment.
  The pictures are of the Gold and Black version, but they are available in Gold and Black, Black, and Red. I will post pictures of the others soon.
  No two roosters will look exactly alike. Each is signed with a small 'J' on the bottom. Custom orders are available but I am limited to the color feathers I have on hand.    
  *This is not a toy. Allowing children or pets to play with a rooster ornament may result in damage to rooster and possible harm to pet or child.
     Here is a link to the listing so you can buy your own: https://www.etsy.com/listing/169909098/rooster-ornament

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gluten-free Double Chocolate Cookies

I'm still under the weather, so I thought I'd take it easy again and share a link to a blog with a fantastic recipe for gluten-free double chocolate cookies. Try them with a cup of pecans mixed in they're even better.   


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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Under the Weather

   We've got a Blue Norther blowing in today. Mom and I moved some of the potted plants into the greenhouse or under the eaves of the porch. We watered and covered the plants in the garden, here's hoping it'll work. I'm under the weather, I've been trying to catch something for a couple of days now; ironically I caught it when I got a flu shot. At first I thought I was a little sick from the shot, but I'm pretty sure it's cold. I'm taking it easy now and depending on how I feel I might not write a post on Thursday. My brain seems to have been push out by sinus pressure. It seems to get worse at night fall and I'm declining rapidly now.  

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A lamp for the chicks

This is a post I meant to write a while ago but all the Halloween stuff kind of pushed it to the wayside.
    Anyway, not long after we put the 'Surprise Chicks' into the brooder pen we got a cold front. We got nervous about them, but there were too many and too large to move back in the house so we put a heat lamp in there. It attracted a lot of bugs. And after the two nights we were able to leave the lamp off.

   I was worried that having a light on them all night would mess up their sleeping habits. I shouldn't have. Thanks to the cooler weather we've been able to sleep with our windows open without sweltering, and I can hear the chicks shuffling around. All night.
 It's been a couple of weeks and sometimes I still get up to check on them; sure that I'm going to find a opossum or a coyote trying to help themselves to a squab dinner. Nope. Just a bunch of teenage chickens looking at me like I'm crazy.
  The first time I thought it was because the moon was close to full and it a very bright night. A few nights later I learned that was not the case. They are even louder on pitch black nights. They bashed into things more and there was a bunch of screaming, like they were being attacked, as sleeping chicks got stepped on by chicks blundering around in the dark.
   What are they doing at night you ask? Eating. Their feeders are empty every morning.      
  Adult chicken might sleep pretty soundly, but teenagers will keep you up at night. And wake you up early as the young roosters try to crow. It sounds like someone being choked, loudly.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Year Anniversary

  I can't believe it's been a year since I opened Bats Bizarre with a few pieces of jewelry and a dial up connection; hoping I could make a little money still have time for my writing. Now I have 41 items for sale and plans for more, broadband, and have made 8 sales.
  A lot has happened.
   Originally I thought I might clean some of the old clothes from my closet, but they either aren't that good looking, they used to belong to relatives with questionable taste, or aren't in that good of shape. And I didn't know how to price them, anyway.
  The original patterns I've created are the first time I've made up a pattern with an end in mind that I stuck with.
   When I started bats bizarre I didn't even know what polymer clay was.
   I'm going to start packaging my item like this for shipping.

   I am offering a coupon code for free domestic shipping. From 11/4 to 11/11 use coupon code: ANNIVERSARY for free domestic shipping on any purchase to be shipped within the USA.
here is a link to the shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/batsbizarre

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