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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wire spider

The other day I got bored and decided to see if I could make a spider out of some scrap wire. In my defense my Pinterest feed was full of pictures of them. I didn't like the way the ones I made following any of the web tutorials came out, so I made up my own.
 I think it needs a larger bead for the abdomen, but I like the way the wire looks.  What do you think?

 If I can find more larger holed beads I might make some to sell.

      Thank you for reading. I will Please have a bat-tastic day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Fireworks Earrings

    I was going to post this on Thursday, but the wind was so bad I couldn't get a connection in the house and it was misting so I couldn't sit outside to get online. Not that I'll be doing that anymore; too many close calls with dropping my laptop. And last time a bird pooped on my monitor. 
  But better late than never right?

    Here is my latest item : Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Fireworks Earrings. They are based on my Rain drop earrings but with round beads so they look more like three fireworks in the night sky. They are nicely patriotic and a elegant reminder of summer nights spent on a quilt watching fireworks paint the sky in a Kaleidoscope of colors. 

 Soon I will have a pair for every season. I just have to pick out the beads for the Autumn one.

   Each earring is made of three small (6mm) red, white, and blue glass beads (one each) on three separate strands of hand curved stainless steel wires. The entire piece measures 2 2/8" from the top of ear wire to the bottom of the longest bead line. The ear wires are hypo-allergenic stainless steel.

  Buy your own here: 

  Mother's Day is Sunday and today is the last day to use coupon code MOTHERSDAY for 5% off your entire purchase.

              Thank you for reading Bats Bizarre's offical blog. have a bat-tastic day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Four leaf clover choker

I like St. Patrick's Day. Every year I wear as much green as possible.
  I thought it would be cool if I could make earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet to wear on St. Patrick's Day. I'm still working on the bracelet, but I should have it posted by Friday. 
 I also like knitted chokers so I thought I'd combine the two. Unfortunately, I don't like to (nor am I good at) embroidering knitting and I couldn't find a pattern for color working four leaf clovers in any of my books or the ones at the library. So I thought to myself 'Well I'll just make a pattern, that's how all these other patterns started out.'

   I stated by doodling four leaf clovers out of small circles until I fund one I liked. Next I cast on about 12  stiches (just enough for there to be at lest two stitches framing the clover) and tried to knit it. Of course this first one didn't look that great, and was far too large, so I made a few changes to the picture and tried again. After eight tries I finally fond one that looked like a clover and wasn't so wide that it made you look like you had a short, fat neck. 
  This probably would have been easier if I had used graphing paper, But I don't have any and don't plan on buying any.

It is 14" long and 1" wide (not stretched) and costs $16. Convo me with your order if you want a different size. The yarn is 100% acrylic. View the entire listing and buy your own here:

Thank you for reading Bats Bizarre's official blog. Have a bat-tastic day!